Jul 17, 2020

During the last weeks, UNIGE and UA have been working towards launching the Task.2.3. "WHEEL Working Groups". This activity follows upon the output delivered during the WHEEL Kick-Off Meeting in April 2019, which allowed to identify relevant topics to articulate working groups organisation according to the most pressing challenges within the context of the Libyan Higher Education system.

WHEEL Teaching methodologies Working Group

As such, Lybian partners received on 15th July a compendium of audiovisual content, bibliographic material and relevant literature to explore and deepen their knowledge on the following topics:

    • Staff Training & Teaching activities & Methodologies
    • ICT & Infrastructures
    • Systemic Governance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Research Activities and Innovation & Technology Transfer
    • Higher Education Financial Management

Partners will work upon these materials articulating appropriation from Libyan Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of the concepts and ideas implemented during the WHEEL project timeline. Afterwards, partners will revert back to UNIGE and UA in order to inform or the outline partners' needs in terms of training and skills and periodically providing inputs to the drafting of the Deliverable.2.5.2. "Libya Higher Education Blueprint". 

UNIGE Working Groups

"Task.2.3. Working Groups" will facilitate that WHEEL project builds upon contextual knowledge from Libyan partners in order to elaborate concrete policy proposals oriented towards effective reform of the Libyan Higher Education system.