Dec 15, 2022

During the meeting different topics were submitted: Impact Assessment in partner institutions, Libyan Higher Education Blueprint and sustainability strategy: WHEEL Network & website.

To raise awareness about the importance of evaluation impact, most of the partners presented the results of the evaluation impact in their universities.

We can underline that the knowledge obtained while the Project lasted and the topics presented was valuable and the cooperation between participants was optimal. Participants presented the Impact Assessment of the Project in their universities and showed the extension of the same. They all strongly believe that the project outcomes will be of great help for future governmental and non-governmental initiatives aiming to improve the situation of the HE in Libya. However, some of the universities think that the impacts are considered whether directly (short-term effects) or indirectly (long-term effects) attributable to HEIs’ activities. The areas in which the impact of evaluation is notable are: the economy, societal challenges, natural environment, policies, culture, and demographics. This impact will contribute to the progress of society and raise its standard of living and culture, which may be plausibly attributed to the HEI’s in the whole country.