Jul 15, 2020

Within the framework of Task.2.1. IT Equipment Purchase of the WHEEL project, partners have selected the location on where they will install the equipment. The purchase of this infrastructure endowment will become for the implementation of WHEEL project activities but also to ensure long-term sustainability of project results.

As such, partners have selected the following locations:


  • At Al-Asmariya University (AIU):

AIU location

  • At Sebha University (SU):

SU location

  • At University of Zawia (UZ):

UZ location

  • At Elmergib University (EU):

EMU location

  • At Misurata University (MU):

MU location

  • At University of Benghazi (UB):

UB location

  • At Libyan International Medical University (LIMU):

LIMU location

  • At Sirte University (SRU):


  • At University of Tripoli (UoT):

UoT location

  • At Bright Star University (BSU):

BSU location


  • At Omar Al-Mukhtar University (OAMU):

OAMU location

  • At Bani Waleed University (BWU):


BWU location